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Why containers?

Containers have compelling advantages over the previous generation of virtualization technology. They are faster, more lightweight, and easier to manage and automate than virtual machines (VMs), and are phasing out VMs in many common scenarios. 

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We offer a wide range of cloud hosting solutions to give business flexibility and choice in how your needs hosted




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We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from web hosting to dedicated servers. Everything you need is right here.

CaaS is a cloud-based service that allows software developers and IT departments to upload, organize, run, scale, and manage containers by using container-based virtualization.

After ordering and paying, you will receive credentials from your container to which you’ll connect via SSH.

Docker surely gets a lot of attention. But Docker is not the only container option out there.

Containers allow applications to be more rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled. Containers support agile and DevOps efforts to accelerate development, test, and production cycles.

Containers are more lightweight than VMs, as their images are measured in megabytes rather than gigabytes. Containers require fewer IT resources to deploy, run, and manage. Containers spin up in milliseconds. Since their order of magnitude is smaller.